Friday, January 05, 2007

Trend forecast - Wide leg jeans

Yay! Finally, the trend of skinny jeans and ballet flats seems to be moving to wide leg jeans. I think this silhouette is very flattering but make sure that the jeans are fitted in the waist and wide at the leg. Great to wear with heels to create a long line.

Gold Sign "Scandal" @ Zappo's $220 (I love these, but they are pretty pricey)

Lux Lightweight denim sailor pants from Urban Outfitters (These are more my price range at $68 and they are cute too!)

Lane Bryant pointed pocket jean $54 (I would want these to be a little longer than shown)


Anonymous said...

you may be done with skinny jeanes, but I'm not. In fact, we can rock all lengths and degrees of looseness and tightness.

Style is so diverse now.

jnetteb said...

I have a friend that can wear skinny jeans with heels and she looks adorable. I cannot however, so I like these wide leg jeans better.

Alesse said...

I love these jeans, especially the first pair.

Emily said...

I really like the wide legged Jeans. I actually have those Goldsign Wide legs (first pic) but in a very light wash I bought them from Nordstrom. They were very expensive but definitly worth it. I love them.



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