Friday, October 01, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Dollar Dollar Bill Yall

I got this striped cotton dress at a thrift store for a dollar. ONE dollar. I'll let you digest that.....

It looked like a cute but shapeless shift dress in the store but I envisioned it with a belt 
and a popped collar and thought it would be great for summer and 'tweener' weather like now.

Sweater: Zara

Suede peep toes: Guess

I hope the dress looks as good as I think it does to only cost a dollar. Don't you hate it when someone tells you that something was cheap and it looks cheap? "These shoes only cost $2.50!" and you're thinking, "Yeah, that sounds about right....."

Happy Friday!!!


Nicky said...

Had to come out of lurk to say ... "amazing". Love the dress and I love the price even more. Dang ... where do you live ... thrifting in my neck of the woods (NYC) is sometimes like shopping at a regular store. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes...couldn't believe they were only $2.50! I noticed that pop of color right off and wondered where you got them. You definitely have a sense of style. Love it!

Sing said...

Cute outfit. I just discovered your blog from Manecourse. Great style you have.

Sing said...
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Anonymous said...

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