Thursday, October 21, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: Flower Girl

What do you do when you're a blogger and you're having a 'down in the dumps' day? Why, blog of course!

When you're going through tough times, people say things like "It will get better soon" and "Just have faith." Well sometimes its harder to look on the bright side of things. I am tired of my station in life, of being a fool for love, of struggling financially. I consider myself to be a good person, I don't smoke or kick cats and this is my reward?

I know this is a temporary feeling and that I'll snap out of it, I just want to be on the upside of up for once, ya know? Sorry for not making this a funny, happy story but I can't do it today. (But you can still comment and tell me I look amazing.) Thanks, you're the best...

Not too much else to say today, I may be making an announcement soon......and no, I'm not pregnant.


Shelly said...

Well you do look amazing!!!! I always look forward to a new post just to find a bit of inspiration. I know how you feel cause I feel the same way ALOT. So you have many friends standing around in that same station looking for something better. Take Care

TEST said...

Kick Cats Juanette!?! You are a mess!

You're tired of being in funk...honaaayyy, pull up a chair!

Just keep faking it till you make it because you look good doing it!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Ooops...I'm "test"

Sara said...

Those days happen to the best of us, and so no need to apologize for not always being cheery - you're a real person! Hope your week turns around!! :)

Juanette said...

Thanks ladies, I needed this today!

Sing said...

You look great even if you aren't feeling the best.

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Assy said...

Since you do not want people telling you that things will get better soon, I will just tell you that you look amazing. And I will add that reading your blog brings me joy and inspiration. I do not know you but I am guessing you are a sweet person. Moreover you are truly talented. Hope you feel better!



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