Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I Guess I AM Here For That

Remember my "I Ain't Here For That" post?

I told yall I ain't here for cell phones. Well my phone went to cell phone heaven in the sky two days ago and I was forced to get another one. My carrier that I've had for 10 freaking years would not cut me any kind of deal (no reward for my loyalty, smh) so I switched my service over and am now an owner of a new phone and only had to pay for the case.
I know. Whhhhhhaaaaaaattttt??? My previous carrier said that I hadn't upgraded my phone in over 105 months and that was unheard of. (I TOLD yall I wasn't here for cell phones.) Still trying to learn my phone so if you know of any cool apps or features that I may not know, please help a sister out but I'm pretty pleased thus far.
*Does the Shug Avery shimmy with glee.*  
Earrings: Aldo
Trench vest: Old Navy
Anchor tank: Marshalls
Skirt: H&M
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Steve Madden

Took these pics with the phone, not too impressed with the quality but maybe it's my settings?

Oh yeah, I'm now on Instagram! Follow me HERE!


Sing said...

I need a trench vest in my life, cute look and congrats on the phone upgrade. ; )

Carsedra McKoy said...

Really cute outfit, I love the shoes and the handbag.

Yaay for the new phone and welcome to the wonderful world of Instagram!! :-)

Carsedra of:

Robyn @ Robyn♥s Nest said...
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Robyn @ Robyn♥s Nest said...

Hi Juanette,

I really like the added vest over the top. It's a little unexpected and makes the outfit (which is lovely by itself) more special.


YoyosFashions said...

Loving the whole look!! Too cute!!

Ondreu said...

Very cute.

I wanna be fierce said...

I love this outfit. Really cute.


ElleX said...

I had the same problem with my carrier...I hadn't gotten a phone from them since 2004! I called customer service and complained and told them that another carrier had more of this and that and I would be paying the less because my company gets a bigger discount...they waived the upgrade fee ($35) and my phone was $4.29. I don't need fancy gadgetry on my phone..just wanna talk and text.

LV said...

I love your trench vest and that bag. Very cute outfit.

Ms. Tee said...

Love that shirt...I saw one similar to it in TJ Maxx. My Navy boyfriend inspires me to buy nautical pieces here and there.

Ashleigh Nicole said...

I am loving the khaki vest! xo



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