Thursday, March 10, 2011

What I Want NOW!

Things on my Spring/Summer wishlist.....

1. A fedora. It's kinda hard now to find one that fits over my hair whether I wear it down or twisted up. I'd love to pair it with a maxidress and lots of jewelry.

Men's Forever 21 fedora $13.90

Macy's David & Young hat $17.99 (on sale!)

2.Print Skirts

via The Sartorialist
Ackee pencil skirt $138 at Anthropologie

via J. Crew

Anthropologie Americana skirt $188

 via The Sartorialist
3. Tapered leg pants. The fun colors just make it more appealing.

Skinny studio trousers $59.90 at Zara

Zara narrow leg trousers $89.90

4. Blouse-y tops

 image via J. Crew

Zara studio silk top $99.90

5.And of course, fun dresses

I love this adorable pique dress $59.90 at Zara

 Great Dot Maxi dress $158 at Anthropologie

 Doris and Doris Afrobutterfly top-minidress $88 at Etsy

Stay tuned for more!

P.S. How much do I love Shala Monroque in this Prada ensemble??? Love her new bangs and accessories also. Note Reiko's fave man Andre Leon Talley *wink*


Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to be all about dresses and skirts this year! Great picks.

Sing said...

Nice list. I'm right with you on the mixed prints and the color.

AquĆ­ said...

beautiful choices! Love the green trousers! Thanks so much for your nice comment :)

TrendySocialite said...

My hair color was based on Shala Monroque's color from a couple of years ago. I love her style...




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