Thursday, March 10, 2011

What I Want NOW!

Things on my Spring/Summer wishlist.....

1. A fedora. It's kinda hard now to find one that fits over my hair whether I wear it down or twisted up. I'd love to pair it with a maxidress and lots of jewelry.

Men's Forever 21 fedora $13.90

Macy's David & Young hat $17.99 (on sale!)

2.Print Skirts

via The Sartorialist
Ackee pencil skirt $138 at Anthropologie

via J. Crew

Anthropologie Americana skirt $188

 via The Sartorialist
3. Tapered leg pants. The fun colors just make it more appealing.

Skinny studio trousers $59.90 at Zara

Zara narrow leg trousers $89.90

4. Blouse-y tops

 image via J. Crew

Zara studio silk top $99.90

5.And of course, fun dresses

I love this adorable pique dress $59.90 at Zara

 Great Dot Maxi dress $158 at Anthropologie

 Doris and Doris Afrobutterfly top-minidress $88 at Etsy

Stay tuned for more!

P.S. How much do I love Shala Monroque in this Prada ensemble??? Love her new bangs and accessories also. Note Reiko's fave man Andre Leon Talley *wink*


Mommyblogger said...

I think I'm going to be all about dresses and skirts this year! Great picks.

Sing said...

Nice list. I'm right with you on the mixed prints and the color.

Aquí said...

beautiful choices! Love the green trousers! Thanks so much for your nice comment :)

TrendySocialite said...

My hair color was based on Shala Monroque's color from a couple of years ago. I love her style...




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