Saturday, March 16, 2013

Assume the Position

People make lots of assumptions about me and my life....
Apparently word on the street is that I am some jet-setting social butterfly with lots of options for male companionship. Now the social butterfly part is correct but the rest of it...

...not so much....Well I have options, I just choose not to exercise some of the options that I have available to me. Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should...

One of the teachers at school and our security officer had a whole conversation (in front of me I might add) about the fact that I probably have a different date every night and that guys are ringing my phone off the hook. When I told them that is not the case, they both said "Yeah right." 
Like *You ain't got to lie Craig! faces.*

The same teacher at school offered to set me up with one of  his friends, but the only information that he had is what church the guy attends. He doesn't know where he works or what he does, he told me that the guy always has a pocketful of cash (a bad sign in my opinion) and then he remembered that the guy has been married three times. See how people give no damns about who they want to set me up with?

"Yall both breathing, why you being so picky?"

A guy from my gym sent me a message on Facebook and after a couple of exchanges said that I have an intimidating look about myself as if I'm already with someone and that guys probably save themselves from getting turned down by not approaching me. *Sidenote: WHO does that? Just says, awww forget it, she look like she got somebody, I ain't e'em gonna try it.*

He said that I have that look of a woman that a man has already snatched up and wifed already. That he took me as someone with a man.

I don't know how to look un-snatched up. Do I walk around doing "The Single Ladies" dance, waving my hand to and fro, hither and yon? Wear a shirt that says "Ain't nobody wifed me yet"?
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Converse

Reiko said I should be posting outfit photos of my gym outfits since that's where guys talk to me but that has not happened nearly as much as she lets on. But I do have a pair of "lucky" gym pants that I wear some days, my booty is looking riiiiggghhhhtttt in those....Maybe I'll just start wearing my gym clothes randomly around town, I hear some women do that. No gym, just gym clothes.

I had a conversation with a friend, I told her that I don't want to have any roadblocks to deter me from my destiny. I am constantly working on making myself a better me. I've tried to put past hurts and disappointments behind me, I have forgiven (but not forgotten) the lessons that I've learned and I am open to possibilities. So I leave it up to the universe. And pray that whoever (whomever?) is sent is exactly what is meant for me.
 But can I just say that subject/verb agreement is very important to me? Really. It is. Ask around, my friends will tell you.

And I guess he shouldn't make assumptions. About who I am and what my life is like. That I am not a wifed up woman. And ask whatever it is that he wants to know.

Sunglasses: Pitaya
Earrings: Aldo
Jacket: Zara
Striped top: Marshalls
Skirt (worn as a dress): Asos

"Don't Make Assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life." ~Miguel Angel Ruiz


Tahisha Crawford said...

So fresh and springy! Love the color.
btw thanx for your comment & visit to my blog.

Frugal Fashionista said...
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Frugal Fashionista said...

I get the same thing all the time! Although I do have a fulfilling social life, I do not have dates tearing down my door. Recently in an effort to avoid a man's (Jamaican gentleman) advances I told him I was married (lies). He told told me I didn't look like a married woman. I looked like a Rude Girl! LOL Love the fresh spring colors. I've been inspired to pull out my green Chuck Taylor's.

melissa ward said...

such a great look , i love the green with the pop of yellow those chucks are too cute :)

TrendySocialite said...

I get the "you look like you got a man" look or "you look intimidating" comment... *kanyeshrug* I think when you don't look "thristy" and have purpose in your walk and in what you're doing, people figure you're getting your drink from a certain well LOL

YoyosFashions said...

Love this look!! Loved how you paired the yellow converse so cute!!

Ticka said...

Assumptions. *sigh* Imma need these fellas to get it together. Stop being scurred and say somethin!!

You are looking too cute! And those yellow Chucks are the cats pajamas!!

Carsedra McKoy said...

Super cute and casual, my kind of outfit!!!

LOL at the you looked like you got a man, what kind of look is that exactly? And those that don't have a man what do they look like?!!?!? Boy some people!! SMH

Carsedra of:

GirlsAreDolls said...

Cute sneakers :)

InspiredbyFrench said...

Loving your look. I have the same yellow converse...also I feel ya, I think guys were intimidated by me too for some reason. I met my husband of 11 years on the phone...go figure...because I hardly ever was approached by guys on the street. I guess you could look at it aS a compliment in a way, to me, you just look like you don't/won't take any bullish, therefore, the scrubs don't even waste their time. You are so beautiful, witty and well put together, it is just a matter of time before you meet someone worthy of your time. Keep the posts coming....


Huda Ahmed said...

lol, apparently I give similar impression to people, including some friends of mine. I think when a guy says I look like I have a man or married, they basically mean I'm not competing for their attention or sending out flirty signs their way.

Anyway, love your summary look, those sunglasses rock.

Ellie said...

Hi there, Jealous people judge and you are so beautiful (inside and out) that you don't need to worry with all that!
You're gorgeous and real and inspirational.
Keep up the great work and know when the time is right it will happen.



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