Friday, December 10, 2010

In The Fashionista's Closet: No Muss No Fuss

I was the most tired person on the face of the planet this morning and I wish it was for doing zany and unspeakable things but it's merely me working my second job until 11:30 pm most nights. I'm grateful for its purpose at this time in my life, it is much needed. 

I wanted to wear something comfortable today (is that becoming the word of my life?) I just couldn't do a heel today and I'm glad I didn't because I was recruited to go on a field trip to the mall to see Santa Claus with the kindergarten classes. 

Ralph Lauren jacket: Thrifted from Reiko (Thanks chica!)
Bill Blass men's button down: rummage sale
panther print scarf: Zara (Thanks Dad!)
leggings: Newport News
handbag: thrifted
boots: Marshalls

I took my pics, or rather my recruited fashion photographer took my pics before I got "kindergarten-ed" and got dirty.

Whoever thought herding 100+ kindergarten kids through the mall was a good idea needs to talk to me....

Gotta go, duty calls, just wanted to post outfit pics before heading off to work. Have a fabulous weekend!


Mellodee said...

Sharp, smart, sassy!! Love this look....comfortable but stylish! Suits you to a T!

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Did you say 100 kids? I'm loving the look, but I want to see after photos too :)

Danna said...

The white button-down really makes your beautiful skin glow. This outfit is definitely a keeper!

Ms. Tee said...

Cute! Better you than me going on that trip with the Kindergarteners! I think they are so cute at that age, but they would drive me batty!

Sing said...

Great look. Comfortable and stylish. That bag is great.

Juanette said...

Thanks so much ladies! Tonia, I only had a mustard stain at the end of the day so I thought that was pretty good considering!



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