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The Follicle Chronicles: My Routine and Products

I've had some questions about my hair routine and maintenance so here's my first hair related post. I plan to do more how-to's and before and afters so bear with me. I don't consider myself a hair guru and I don't play one on tv so if you have any product recommendations, hairstyle tips or routine advice, please share!

I conditioner wash my hair once a week with Aussie Moist Conditioner. I sometimes add castor oil or grapeseed oil to my hair while it has conditioner in it to detangle and strengthen.

Pinned up twists 2006-2007

I  wash my hair with shampoo once a month and deep condition once or twice a month depending on how much I wear my hair out and what products I am using. I use Creme of Nature Detangling Shampoo or Pantene Clarifying Shampoo to get rid of buildup. I DEFINITELY deep condition after the clarifying shampoo because it dries the hair out and I need to replenish the moisture.

Twistouts or braidouts are normally done using pure unrefined shea butter + coconut oil or grapeseed oil. I take some shea butter out of the container, add the oil and melt it down in the microwave. I sometimes add a little bit of Eco-Styler gel with Olive Oil for more definition.

She is going to kill me for using this pic, but I had to, Ree!

Wash and Go. I miss my short hair sometimes...

Twists that I pinned in front, my hair was super short in back. Both pics are from 2006.

For wash and gos (I only wear wear wash and gos in a puff now) I will leave a little Aussie Moist conditioner in and add Eco-Styler gel to the edges and tie it down for about 10-15 minutes.

My staple products:

Pure unrefined shea butter (Purchased at Gold Beauty Supply in Mesquite.) I have never ordered shea butter online so I cannot recommend any sites. Make sure you read the product ingredients, you want to make sure that it is only shea butter and that it is not mixed with other things.
Grapeseed oil (Whole Foods) in the cooking section.
Aussie Moist Conditioner (Walmart, Target and Family Dollar)

Coconut Oil (Whole Foods) also in the cooking section.

 Hair sites that I frequent:
Most times I will wear either a twistout or braidout, twistouts are easier and faster to do but braidouts give me more definition and stretch my hair out. When I twist my hair I keep it twisted for at least two or three days, this gives it a chance to "set." I think that this helps with definition and my hair takes a while to dry but I choose not to blow dry my hair. After a twistout or braidout I re-twist my hair at night into large twists or plaits and this stretches my hair and usually on the second or third day my hair is exactly the way that I like it.
The style shown in these pics is of a braidout done on wet hair using shea butter and eco-styler gel.

Any questions? Ask away!


Sing said...

I love your twistouts. Your hair is so full and always looks good.

B. in the Know said...

You have great hair - and I love the different ways you have had it!
Much love,

ChiccaStyle said...

This post is A M A Z I N G!!!You look beautiful and your hair are to die for!

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

Hooray, a hair post!!! :)

I love the simplicity of the products that you use. It's a trait I am lacking (I'm a bit of a product junkie, but I'm trying to kick the addiction!), and its a good inspiration for me, so many many thanks!!!

Peace from Brooklyn!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this post, your hair is to die for!

Angie R.

lalaG said...

i love your hair. im always looking for new tips on how to do my hair.. it never turns out the way id like.

J'Anns Boutique said...

Love the last braid out! talk about volume :-)

Confessions of a Purse-a-holic

FashionJazz said...

Love your hair!! :)

Happy Thursday xx

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Moni @ CL Journal said...

OK, so now I know, I need patience as you've been working this since 2006. I'm loving your routine. Some of the items I already use. This was great! Thank you for sharing.

Quick question, how often do you trim? And do you do it yourself? My hair is thicker and coarser and tangles on the end very easily, I went to a barber to get a trim, he use the clippers and cut my 10 month growth into a boy shaped afro! I'M BURNT!

Juanette said...

Thank you ladies!

@Moni, I used to trim my hair faithfully every six weeks but I find that it doesn't really need it that often. Now I will trim about every two months or so, I don't really have a schedule and I always trim while my hair is twisted. I would always cut too much whenever I would trim it loose. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...


I love, love, love all the pics! The last one is my fav of course! I have recently began to use Darcys Botanicals products to style. The madagascar vanilla styliing creme is my absolute fav. I use it as a moisturizer. I used the avacado wild (something) twisting creme and a dab of the vanilla styling creme on my twists. When I take the out this weekend I will send you pic. My hair has never felt so good. I like her peach kernel moisturizer also. The prices aren't bad and the product goes a long way. Her daughter is a cutie pie too- that is who the company is named after. But hey, if it aint broke.... you know the rest!

Sha Boogie said...

I love how thick your hair is! I just bought some organic coconut oil and unrefined shea butter. I planned on mixing it with aloe vera gel, but I like your idea of mixing with eco-styler w/ olive oil, so I'm going to try that :))

Anonymous said...

Let me preface this by saying your hair is beautiful..but that green necklace in one of those pics is HOT!!

Katie Mac said...

Thank you for sharing. I’m transitioning to natural and thinking about adding kinky twist for a couple of months before doing my big chop. Did you do any proactive styles before you cut your hair?

Anonymous said...

How often do u detangle and how do u do it?

Juanette said...

Thank you thank you ladies!

@Olive Paperie, I have to get that necklace re-strung it was a fave but it stretched out from too much wear I guess! Your comment reminded me to put it in my bag to have my friend do it for me tomorrow!

@Katie Mac, I transitioned for 7 months before I cut all of the relaxer off and I was wearing a curly sew in weave. I would get it done every six weeks and only the front of my hair was out to blend.

You can check out my old fotki album with transitioning photos here:

@Anon: I don't have a detangling schedule, I normally detangle in the shower with a Jilbere shower comb while I still have conditioner in or I will detangle with my fingers, thankfully once my hair is wet with conditioner I don't have an issue with detangling.

Christie said...

Yeah, I've been wondering about your hair too. I'd find myself magnifying the pictures to get a closer look. Your hair always looks great.

P Skittles said...

Love your hair! Any tips on beating frizz here in Texas?



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