Saturday, April 02, 2011

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (and Pedicures)

I met Elissa from Dress With Courage at the Aveda Salon for our complimentary pedicures from the Park Lane Blogger Event and even though we had to wait over an hour(!) for them to even begin on my pedicure we had a fun time of girl talk.

 Main reasons why Elissa is one cool chick:

She's sassy (you can totally tell that by her red spiky hair, tattoos and she wears sequins almost daily.)

She's definitely a cool mom (see #1.)

She loves thrift stores. (Nuff said.)

She's from Brooklyn (also home of Jay-Z.)

She likes Jay-Z (Need I say more?)
 We talked online dating (she thinks I should), favorite thrift/vintage stores, and blogs we love. The only thing missing? Tasty adult beverages!

The unmentionables (it's been waaaaaayyyy too long)

Outfit details: fedora (Target men's dept.), earrings (Aldo Accessories), men's Bill Blass white shirt (rummage sale), assorted bangles (assorted places) cargo pants (JC Penney gifted from Reiko), red peep toes and bag *seen below* (Guess and Kooba)

We weren't done until after 10 pm(!) so if you're going to Aveda, you may want to call ahead and see if there is a wait or book earlier in the day and hopefully you'll be lucky enough to work with Tosha, she was the best!


Laurel said...

y'all are so purty. Can I come with you next time???

Tonya said...

life is good! what a great way to connect with a fried.

FashionJazz said...

Loved your blog post :)

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

I'm from Brooklyn, and I might get kicked out for failing to say,
"Brooklyn's in the house!!!!!!"

Those Aldo earrings are gorgeous!!! I must check out their website...

Anonymous said...

Yes I recommend online dating as well!!

Sing said...

Girl you are rocking that hat and earrings!



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