Saturday, April 09, 2011

In The Fashionista's Closet: Soul Train Line

I deliberately put this outfit together and laughed so hard when I saw these pics because I look SOOOO 70's it was ridic! One of the teacher's aides told me that I looked like I belonged on Soul Train and I gleefully replied "Thank you!"
Hair: Old twistout in a side puff
Sunglasses: Bluebird Vintage
Shirt: Zara
Belt: Target
Clutch: Vintage 
Bracelets: Assorted
Jeans: MNG by Mango (before they were in JC Penney)
Wedges: Steve Madden

(same pic in black and white)
This looks like my yearbook photo from Cooley High.
"Grooviest Chick from Class of '75"

I wasn't going to use this pic because my butt looks huge but this is indeed what it looks like. 
Baby got back...

A little pre-k kid has it out for me.
He told me last week "What's wrong with your hair? You're hair looks like you didn't fix it today." I was kinda speechless. I laughed and told him to go to class. I saw him in the hallway yesterday and he said "That's not your hair!" I wanted to tell him, "Kid, just because you see your mom take her hair off at night doesn't mean that everyone wears fake hair." But I didn't. BUT I wanted to.
He's bullying me, what do you want me to do?

 I was on the phone with Reiko when I saw this photo and began laughing so hard I couldn't talk. 
I'm only missing the big wicker chair in the background...

Like so...

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I want to thank everyone for their support of my little space in this big world of bloggers as I maneuver and misadventure through life and outfits, it really does mean a lot. 


Full Figured Diva said...

70's it is..BUT you're rockin it girl! I can totally see you doing the bump!!! Loves it!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

oh where do you find all the thrilling stuff. that purse is simple phenomenal, the colors look so 80's but i love it. i adore that little blouse, the dots look fabulous. the touch of color is so well chosen, especially the green belt

Diamonds Pearls and Crazy in the world of Barbie Jones said...


Serenity3-0 said...

I can't stop laughing at the little boy. I wonder why he's SO vocal about hair so young. LMAO

Superfashionista23 said...

Love it!!! You better WORK that 70's look! Love the purse and the wedges. You have such unique style that works for you. I always look forward to your posts....

Sing said...

You look great, the 70's rocked for fashion!

Anonymous said...

Juanette you are cracking me up! First of all you know the 70s rock! I need some bell bottomed jeans! Girl we all got back! lol You are foolish for being brave and blogging about it! Remember those pics I sent you, lol! Girl you need to report that little boy! Bullying is a serious mattter and #hemustbestopped! lol Doesn't it just make you mad when you can't respond the way you want to with those students! Argh! I have six weeks and three days with those lovelies and yes I am counting down til summer! I am gonna email you about the event and my thrifting today! Yes I tested the waters!

SMH at the wicker chair pic! Lmao!!! You crack me up! I can't wait til you come to GA! You better find me!

Anonymous said...

Oh and congrats for all the blog love, off to read some:)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

You already know that any reference to the 70's, Good Times or Soul Train is a compliment in our book:)

You know how I feel about the pants. They need to be in regular rotation.

That last picture...the What's Up picture...You stoopid!

Katie Mac said...

Loving the 70’s vibe…It’s my favorite decade for fashion!

Miss Moon the Brooklyn Geechee said...

"That's my sistah, baby... and she's a Whooooooole lotta woman!" - Antonio Fargas, "Foxy Brown"

I love this outfit! You're ready to karate chop all those suckas and jive turkeys out there...Ms. Grier would definitely approve!

Peace from Brooklyn!!!

Zarna said...

totally loving your flared

Prissy said...

This is so boho chic! I love it! yes, it does have a 70's vibe, but thats a good thing!

SN: Do you think if I purchased these same jeans that they will make my bum look like that too?!? LOL

legsnshoes said...

lemme tell you somethin. Feel blessed that you are the trunk department. Some of us have to cling to certain silhouettes that enhance our trunk departments:)

Ife' said...

LMAOOOO! Boy, I tell you about the things kids say. Your hair looks ca-ute like that and you betta work those jeans.



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