Tuesday, November 02, 2010

DID YOU HEAR??? It's coming!

After months of speculation it has been confirmed that yes indeed H&M is coming to DALLAS! The clothing gods are smiling upon me. I have already decided that yes I will camp out, take a day off, sell my firstborn (ok, I have no firstborn but maybe my nephew will do) but I WILL BE THERE for the opening. I may even try and work there but I'm gonna be all up in that mix, do you hear me?!?!

Why do I love H&M? Besides being ultra chic and affordable please see current and past H&M offerings below:

And here's a sneak peek of the Lanvin for H&M collection which hits stores November 20th.

Excerpts from an article from The Dallas Morning News:

'The Swedish fast-fashion retailer plans to open a 24,000-square-foot store at NorthPark in the second half of 2011.'

And apparently there's plans for more: 'It's likely that NorthPark won't be the only store H&M opens in Dallas over the next few years. It has about 200 stores in the U.S., including 10 in both Manhattan and Chicago, five in Atlanta and three in St. Louis.'

I'm going to start an H&M fund but I still want to visit one before the opening of the Dallas store. The end of 2011 is a looong time to be without H&M, lol.

This will be H&M's first Texas location.

Are you as excited as I am????


Sing said...

That's great news for your city.

~L~ of Avid Accents said...

i know what you mean...i've heard we are getting one in KY too. i like to think my stalking them on FB had a little to do with it.


Ronke143 said...

I'm a huge H & M fan!

V said...

I can't wait until this opens up! Lucky you that you live in Dallas, I live in Houston, but my friends and I have already been talking about a road trip just for the H&M opening weekend!

Manecoarse said...

What????? That is some exciting news. I will definitely be shopping there when it comes!

Dhalia said...

Great! Maybe this will help you with the new style ideas you've been wanting to change up.


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

So you know I'm coming to stay with you when this blessed event happens!

TamStyles said...

yep...i heard and cant wait.

Marsha (BrownFace) said...

Wow, a world (up until this point) without H&M?? How did the fashionistas in Dallas live???...lol Shucks, you just reminded me that I have that multi-colored dress (pic 5) and it's been sitting in my closet unworn for months. Hmmmm, thinking of how I can rock that in this weather? Suggestions, please!

CorporateNapps said...

Yes. I heard about this and I will make sure I'm in Dallas that weekend. That's just too close for comfort. I don't even think there are plans to get one in my area, which is very odd.

~dIva mOm~ said...

Hello, loving the blog. We recently got an H&M in Palm Beach and it is horrendous. The clothes appeared to be a lower grade than Charlotte Russe and I was sooooo not impressed. I visited one in Atlanta and it was heaven. Not sure how to explain this but I won't be going back until the summer for some quick maxi dresses.



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