Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yay or Nay? Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms

***UPDATE*** I forgot to add a pic of one of my favorite peeps Dahlia of Mz. Fashion Closet, she has the Dany platforms in both colors! Her shoe game is ridic!!!

I really like the look of the Jessica Simpson Dany platforms, I think they are reminiscent of a 70's vibe but I am concerned that the heel is so high, I am 5'8 and I love a heel but I don't want to look like a giant or that I'm teetering when I walk. So, what say you, Yay or Nay on these?

Available at Zappos for $79.16 (On Sale!)

After looking for more photos of this shoe, apparently lots of ladies already love this shoe!

 Stockholm Street Style


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

AAAH! I want this shoe but I'm scared of it. I want it...but I only want to wear it in teh house because I think I would look like a two dolla hooka if I wore them out. Not that a two dolla hooka would rock these...but I'm just saying.

I secretly covet them though. Kinda how I really love watermelon but only will eat it in private bcause I'm not trying to encourage stereotypes.

What was I talking about again??

Work With What You've Got said...

I say yay. I mean, you can work it, no doubt. And I do not curr how tall you are, right I mean, those are hot. HOT and they would go with a LOT of stuff you already wear.

Juanette said...
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Juanette said...

^^^^^^^^^^ @Reiko, OMG you are stoooooopppppiiiidddd!!!! I know what you mean though, that's why I'm torn.

And I feel you on the watermelon thing, I love it too and chicken and I'm always late so I guess I AM a stereotype?!? So does that mean that you really ARE a two dollar hookah????

Should I get the shoe or not?????

Sing said...

I love the shoe in theory, but the reality is, like GFS said, I'm afraid, very afraid of them puppies.

Shelly said...

Yay Yay Yay!!!! Everything is perfect about this shoe. The style, the color, the price, everything. If the heel/platform was a bit shorter they would be in my closet....stat.

Anonymous said...

A definite yay. Jessica (or her team?) knows how to design a shoe.

Prissy and Nicole said...

YAY!!!! Definitely YAY!!! They were on sale yesterday (Cyber Monday) for $69.99 on www.jessicasimpsoncollection.com. Not sure what the price is today though. Also, if you get them, please don't get black or brown. Every blogger in the world has that color. Get the purple velvet or the gray snake. Very different!


Dhalia said...

You know I'ma say YAY!!! ;-)


Anonymous said...


I'm the one who saw you in Ann Taylor Loft. It was good to see one of my favorite bloggers in person. I love that shoe, but don't know how I would get around comfortably!


Mellodee said...

I'm probably the wrong person to ask about a shoe with that high a heel and platform. All it would take would be one good twist to the ankle and it's "You want to sign my CAST?" time. For me, it would be too big a risk!

Let's see, if you are 5'8", and you add another 6 (?) inches, that makes you around 6'2". That's pretty tall for a female.
(Of course, I'm 5'2", what do I know???) :)

Mellodee said...

P.S. I like watermelon. Does that mean anything??


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

@ Juanette...no boo...I'ma $3.75 hooka...inflation boo...inflation.

Why don't you get the shoe and then we can share them. You wear them one month and then ship them to Houston and then I will wear them and send them back to Dallas.

Who ever falls in them first loses the shoe forever...which means they would be your shoes eventually:)

Kandi said...

I say nay. I'm with you on the whole tall thing. I like a heel, but that's a heel & a half. Why are all the really cute shoes sooo high lately?

antonia said...

these are soooo hot! but look highly unwearable/comfortable. my michael kors wooden platforms have taught me a lesson!


Shai said...

I can be clumsy at times. I see myself breaking my ankle or falling in those.

Dhalia said...

Thank you Juanette. I'm glad you enjoy my style and blog. :-)


Ms. Tee said...

I say yay! I'd be afraid to walk in them but they are very stylish.

Anonymous said...

I am sitting her cracking up at you and Reiko!!!! Foolish. I saw those shoes a few months ago and really wanted them, but like Reiko--- I KNOW I WOULD FALL AND BUST MY A_ _!!!! I'd be too embarrassed. They are awesome though! I'd love to try them on and dream!



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