Friday, November 12, 2010

Mix It Up!

I love the look of mixed prints but sometimes find myself at a loss as to how to make it happen and not look like I've just thrown some stuff together. I gravitate to bold colors but I want to be able to mix prints and patterns with the same ease. Here are some tips to print mixing that I've found:

  • Stay in the same color family. You want your patterns to have the same overall hue with certain colors found in each. Brown and orange plaid can work with a brown and orange floral design but will not work with pink and green roses.

Image via August 2010 InStyle

  • Vary the pattern sizes. If your plaid happens to be large and loud, pair it with something that has a delicate pattern, like tiny roses with minuscule vines.

  • Pull it all together with a solid color (either a jacket, shoes, or purse, etc.)
Image via The Sartorialist

Other Tips for Mixing:
Try a floral patterned dress or a nice A-line skirt and pair it with a military jacket. Don't worry you'll be spotted immediately since this unusual combination will attract the attention of others. Wear your clothes with confidence to radiate that you mean business.

Keira Knightley in Miu Miu

Animal prints are bold enough to draw popping eyes, however the graphic patterns will ideally serve as blending agent. These will successfully create the visual transition from one pattern to the other to make it more enjoyable to our sight. The best way to top the look is to use accessories that will further complete the image.

The Glamourai, queen of mixing it up

Do you mix prints? Is it something that you would try? Do tell!

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Mellodee said...

I kind of have a hard time with mixed prints. It was such a GIGANTIC no-no when I was growing up, that I can't quite get past it. Same color mix helps (pic #1 Perfect!), large and small print mix somtimes works, as do stripes and plaid but ONLY if in the same colors and not both screaming for dominance (pic #3 makes my eyes hurt). Otherwise, most mixes set off a clanging in my head that just says NO!

My belief is if it doesn't look right to me, it won't look good to anyone else!

{But heck, what do I know. I haven't bought a fashion magazine in probably 20 years!!! :D LOL!)

Sing said...

good tips. funny enough, i have no printed bottoms so I can't even really try the pattern mixing, but I do admire it.

TamStyles said...

you gotta know you to mix patterns! love mixing.

J.S. said...

I love pattern mixing...done right it can be sooo cool!!

you have a great blog...


tontini said...

i think its easier to start mixing prints that are simple and could pass as a neutral, like pinstripes.

Chic Therapy said...

i need to start mixing prints!!I usually only do solids

Dhalia said...

I've been wanting to try a bold color with leopard. Just havent found the right bold yet.


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