Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In The Fashionista's Closet: Calgon, Take Me Away

I want to plot my escape, complete with tasty adult bevarages and warm sand in between my toes. I want to be able to forget my real life woes, if only for a little while. I need a little getaway until real life comes calling again.

1. to slip or get away, as from confinement or restraint; gain or regain liberty
2. avoidance of reality
I want/need/desire all of that...
Skirt: Zara
Boots: Juicy Couture

My mini-escapes consist of mindless television (Fashion Police, Watch What Happens Live), thumbing through fashion books/magazines/blogs and having conversations with a few of my favorite people.

Earrings: Can't remember
Shirt: Banana Republic
Sweater: Thrifted
And I somehow manage to have me a hearty, belly laugh at some point during my day, it's never planned but always appreciated, it makes me feel better instantly. (The kids have told me that I laugh funny and they laugh right along with me.)

So until I get to my place in the sun, I want you to tell me what is your escape?


~L~ of Avid Accents said...

my escape is somewhere warm. just take me away from this snow!!! note: Im forever jealous of your Texas weather.

Cute oufit, love the sweater!


Prissy said...

My escape would probably be Las Vegas!!! LOL I dont have to relax, I just wanna get away.

On your way to your tropical place, would you mind mailing me that leopard top? Please and Thank you!


Sing said...

I'm feeling ya totally. Cute look, just perfect.
I escape in the racks of sales.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

I escape to Starbucks. The smell of that place makes me happy.

Ms. Tee said...

I have been telling my mom for the past month or so that we need to run away!!!

My escape, like others, would be someplace warm...right now, in the U.S., that only leaves Miami and a few spots in Cali. So I might have to take it to the Caribbean or somewhere else near the equator.

Until I can get to a place with warm white (or pink) sand and crystal blue water, I like to read a good book, flip through one of the magazines piled on my coffee table, catch up on one of my fave TV shows (including reruns of Sex and the City), and surf the internet!

By the way, I am a sucker for animal print!!!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

You look like the lady whom I would see at brunch. I would wonder where does she work because she is so fly. Then I would probably walk over to your table and SNATCH thoes boots off your feet!

...but I would throw some money over my shoulder as I ran to pay your brunch. Because I am if nothing else...polite.

This is very much a J. Crew Look...and I'm all about J Crew looks on a budget:)

Anonymous said...

I love this look too! Just send me some of your stuff and we can call it a day, lol! My real escape would be to Puerto Rico or Bermuda- but just being able to sit in my bed (uninterrupted) sipping some tea, reading blogs would suffice for now! Oh and without the cold front we just got:( Boo!!! lol

TrendySocialite said...

One of my escapes are yours.

My other escape is my bedroom. I can literally stay in my room all day with my laptop, something to drink and the remote LOL



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