Sunday, January 16, 2011

In The Fashionista's Closet: Go Green

I feel as though I've been taking a lot of photos with my mouth open lately but sadly this is how I usually look in real life, always talking or laughing or making funny faces.

Of course I think that I'm generally funny, mainly because my mom told me so. Incidentally, this is how people end up trying out for American Idol because their moms told them that they could sing when they obviously cannot. But not my mom. She would never lie to me. Right? RIGHT??? (P.S. I hate American Idol but I am just using that as an example of how some moms lie.)

But my 'other' funny side is a little more NC-17 or M for Mature so you may not get that side of me unless you're in my close circle of friends or I'm really mad. (I'm ruthless when angry but you'll laugh your socks off.) But if you want to get on my good side, just tell me how hi-lar-i-ous I am.

I enjoy letting you guys see my goofy side and I've decided that I will focus on the positive more in 2011. I am friends with my scale again and I've been having awesome hair days as of late so why shouldn't I be happy??

button down shirt: Express
sweater: Zara
earrings: can't remember
assorted bracelets: Forever 21
skirt: thrifted
boots: Juicy Couture

Great days are ahead!


Dana said...

I love love love this outfit. This is one of my new inspiration outfits in the coming weeks.

Mellodee said...

That skirt is gorgeous! What a great color.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I love this outfit! Those boots make everything better. I need them. Don't you feel sorry for me that I don't have them?

Everything about this is yes. yes. yes. And I am one of the few that know how RAW your humor really is! But I won't expose you.

TrendySocialite said...

I love this outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is PERFECT!

Sing said...

You look great with a smile, your best accessory. That skirt is fantastic.

passionsontopofpassions said...

green is my favorite color and i LOVE this skirt! you have inspired me to create a similar outfit by throwing a v-neck over my favorite shirt dress. thanks!

laniza said...

That skirt is simply awesome!! Can you do a post on how to find gems in the thrift store?

kdr*S said...

You know how I feel about a good thrift store... Love Love Love the skirt and your hair is extra fabulous... Extra Fabulous!!!

~L~ of Avid Accents said...

i love this skirt. it is so fearless! fabulous as always!


Ms. Tee said...

Very beautiful! That jade green looks great on you! Love the boots too!

I love associating with people whom I can laugh with...laughter is truly medicine for the soul...and being the sarcastic person I am, I can appreciate raw humor. :)

Chastity Garner said...

Hey Lady..its been a while...but I just had to say you look so freakin cute in that skirt!!!

Juanette said...

Thank you ladies for the wonderful compliments! @Ianiza, I am working on a post now!





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