Thursday, October 05, 2006

Weekend Getaway

For you fashionistas who frequently travel, here are some tips to packing like a pro:
- Make a list. This will save you from throwing in last minute items or forgetting something important that you meant to bring. This will also help you figure out what shoes work best with more than one outfit. (This is torture for me to bring only a couple of pairs of shoes!)
- For dressier pants and long dresses, pack them on the bottom with the ends hanging over the sides.
- Next, roll shirts, jeans and dresses to save on wrinkles and space.
- Fold the ends hanging over the sides on top of the rolled items.
- Shoes are packed around the sides and socks are stuffed into them.
- Pack underwear in the side pockets or zipper compartments.
*Make sure you have at least one change of underwear in your carry on bag. (My aunt recently found this out after she missed her connecting flight but her luggage was already shipped and she had to spend the night at a hotel.)
7- Pack toiletries, mediations, etc. in your carry on bag.

- Distinguish your luggage with a stylish bag or cute luggage tag.

Plum Party Luggage Tags

Make sure to save room in your bag (or bring an extra one) for your shopping purchases!


Chanel said...

These are too cute! I love the bag tags! I currently have a huge, pink terrycloth bow tied around my luggage, but I am definitely going to check these out... and who is the brown and gold weekend bag by in the 1st photo? Lovin' that one.

Traveling is deep in my blood...

jnetteb said...

It is the Charlotte weekender duffle $159 at (I love the bag tags too, I am going to order some!)



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