Tuesday, October 24, 2006

In the hood (part 2)

Ok, I found this hoodie at styleviolet.com and I had to add it to my hoodie post. I am going to order it today, I think that details set it apart from the typical hoodie and I love the belt!


shoppinchic said...

I love this coat to, but I am always confused about short sleeved coats that appear heavy. When do you wear them? How do you plan to wear this? I'd really appreciate some input. Thanks!!

samida said...

Love that hoodie and what a great price! I am ordering one, myself! I do wish they had it in red.

jnetteb said...

with jeans. today its 67 degrees out so i would wear it today because it's not cold enough for a heavier jacket and too cool for just a tee shirt or a button up. i have also worn long sleeves under short sleeves or 3/4 sleeve jackets, i think it's cute but make sure that it's not too bulky. hth!



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