Thursday, October 12, 2006

Would you wear this?

Tell me what you think and why or why not you would rock these outfits:
Mary J. at the T.J. Martell Foundation Awards

Meagan Good at Nick Cannon's birthday bash.

Vanessa Williams from Soul Food has been out and about lately (without her trademark locs) and here she is at the the launch party for "Our Stories" films.


Anonymous said...

Mary: the dress, yes, it's pretty and flattering; the colors she's paired it with--no. The gray makes her look ashy. Makes me rethink looking for a gray purse, which I had been thinking about.

2. Meagan: no, it's just not cute, anywhere.

3. Vanessa: Oh lord, child...her hair looks cute, though.

jnetteb said...

I agree, I like Vanessa's hair (Wondering what she did with the locs though.) Never have enjoyed Meagan's style, too stripperish. I am on the fence about Mary because at least its not tight or "fabulous"

Tisheenyu said...

Mary's outfit is not bad if she gets rid of the scarf on her head. Not feeling Vanessa's shoes with that outfit too peacokish. And I agree Meagan has gone wild!



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