Thursday, October 05, 2006


Sofistafunk Skirt Co. is the creation of Arlinda M. and Cheshire Mickens whose tagline is ready to wear everyday couture. Their skirts remind me of rainy days playing dress up with a modern feel. I admire the sassiness of their designs and the skirts look so fun! The quirky, stylish, A-line and circle skirts are created with vintage fabrics of cotton and silks or vintage reprints and hand finished. What I really love about the ladies of Sofistafunk is that they have created the Sofistafunk Social Society, a not for profit group "dedicated to celebrating life through fashion" by lending a helping hand to someone else.

The ladies have also introduced SofistaFunk Girls for the little diva of the family.

Their motto is not only a great attitude toward fashion but for life.“Our Motto: Life is a gift meant to be celebrated everyday. Run, skip, dance - do whatever makes you feel free - today is yours. Congratulations!”

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SimKai said...

I absolutely LOVE the skirt on this lady. Gorgeous.



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