Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trend or Trash?

I went to a *ahem* job interview last week (wish me luck!) and one of the interviewers had on black nail polish. Black nail polish is once again making an appearance on celebs and in mags. The new black polishes are shinier than traditional black enamel and have purple, red or silver undertones.

People are going CRAZY for Chanel Black Satin polish after stars like Jessica Alba and Mischa Barton wore it this summer. There were waiting lists and people were even bidding on the polish on Ebay which regularly sells for $18. (wth?) But if you want to try a cheaper version to see how you like this trend, here are a couple of others:

It looks lighter in the bottle, but here's another pic. The description is "where midnight and meets purple"
If this is a trend you want to try here are some tips:
*Wear neutrals to offset the darkness of the nail, bright clothes or makeup makes the look too garish.
*Dark polish looks better on short square nails.

What do you think, would you wear it or does it remind you too much of the goth kids from high school?


Anonymous said...

I got black polish on my last pedicure, and I love it. It's a pure black--I think they used OPI--and it just looks elegant, not costumey at all.

jnetteb said...

i thought about getting it as a pedi too. i really like the color of the OPI Lincoln Park.

juiicySCOOP said...

I've always been soo scared to use straight black, I've gotten the plum colors, but I just may try black.. I hear Opi is the best!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would wear it!! Love SUZ

Reddy said...

I've been using OPI black polish pretty regular since about this time last year.. It's one of those that you either love or hate.. I love it.

I'm a dark brown skinned sista, my nails are short and squqre, it looks great with my skintone.

All summer I switched it up with really light sheer colors, but as soon as the weather changed and it got cold, out came the blacks and deep purples again.

Keli said...

I would wear it on my toes, but I don't wear nail polish on my hands unless it's clear.



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