Friday, October 13, 2006

Seeing (Red)

(Red) is an organization created by U2 Singer Bono and Boby Shriver aimed to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic of women and children in Africa. In addition to other Red products, Gap (Product) Red is donating half of their profits to the Global Fund and making some of their products in Africa to benefit their people. Celebs such as Dakota Fanning (love her), Don Cheadle (love him) and Ms. Mary J. herself are some of the celebs particpating in this "economic initiative" to benefit the Global Fund, one of whose missions is to increase resources to fight AIDS.

The parentheses surrounding the word Red is called "the embrace" and companies who participate use the embrace and the power of Red. (I love this concept!)

My favorite Gap (Product) Red are the tee shirts available with words like Inspi(Red), Wi(red) and Admi(Red) on them. You can check out the Gap (Product) Red items available here.


Juicy said...

I went out and purchase one on friday. A lot of the T-Shirts are sold out.

Lacey said...

I have emailed about 5 people asking about her hat she's wearing in this ad. Gap wrote me and said it was the artist's own hat, but I somehow feel like I'm not going to be able to ask her where it came from :) If you know or can help me out, please let me know! (I am lay-c [at]



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