Friday, October 13, 2006

Yea or Nay?

Regina Hall, LisaRaye and Sanaa
Sanaa Lathan normally does a little better in the fashion department but I am not sure about this outfit that she wore to the Black Sports Agents Association's Legacy Gala. What do you say, yea or nay to this look? (Let's not even talk about LisaRaye's "ensemble!")

If you have to have it you can get the "Big Dot Shift dress" for $118 from Anthropologie.


Anonymous said...

Forget Sanaa! Lisa Raye...Now I know she married a prince, or something like that, of Barbados...but why is it lookng like the "first lady" outfit gone bad?! I'm disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I believe this was a '40s theme party, so LisaRaye's outfit--though excessive--was appropriate. Sanaa looks like she didn't read the invitation.

Tisheenyu said...

Ummm Lisa Raye has been looking a hot mess lately and I like her style. Even on the show her outfits have been played down.



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